How to Generate Enough Revenue For Your Football Club and Avoid Going Under

The business of running a football club is very expensive. In most parts of the world, teams that have been able to secure finances are also doing better on field of play.  Because, they are capable of attracting the best talent (players & technical), back office staff and also set up development structures.

It is very possible for the smallest club to be successful both on and off the field of play if it organizes properly.  Success in the business side of football starts with getting the issue of fans correct and then work on increasing income.

These are some of the ways you can increase income:

1. Aggressively grow your fan base.  This is the basis of football business success. ข่าวบอล Whatever you do, if your fan base is small and stagnated you will never succeed in the business of football period.
2.  Maximize gate collection. Ensure all your home games are a sell out through the season.
3.  Manage your merchandising. Do you have staff and a strategy focussed on that area?
4. Tourism, set up a club museum. This a major source of income for clubs like Arsenal (UK), over 100,000 paying visitors go through their museum a year.
5. Have an internet strategy. Exploit it for fan evangelism, sponsorship, merchandising and attraction of new fans.
6. Have a well laid out plan to trade players – both active and from the developmental structures. Never, ever wait for players to dump you for free.  Remember it is business!
7. Economically exploit player profiles.  That is one of the reason why Beckham is still on the market (his selling power).  This must be in their signing on contracts.
8. Attract varied sponsorship.  This depends on the size of your fan base and how you demonstrate your ability to influence it.
9. Attract TV coverage and other media.
10. Create a FREE news letter and sell advertising space there.
11. Exploit short code on cell(mobile)phones, mobile content and advertising.
12. Have a strategy of how much you want to benefit from each fan and how you will do it.
13. Widen the types of merchandise and where they are sold.
14. Help sponsor do business. Make more sales, motivate their employees and do business amongst each other. They will reward you.
15. Promote financial goodies from relevant institutions.

Goals and fans are the basis of football.  But the complexion of football is changing.  Success is moving towards those who can organise their fans, the team and business side of things all in one breath.  All this must be guided by a clear strategy and by skilled people in each category

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